Customized Tours

One will never be able to include all the wonderful treasures hidden in this part of the world on a website. Chile and the surrounding countries have of course a lot more to offer than what you have seen so far on our site. That is why we have included this section for you to let us know about your interests and places you would like to visit.

Our staff can customize an itinerary to suit your needs and interests covering the many destinations included on our site or other destinations you have in mind.

Some of these destinations could include:

Easter Island, off the Chilean coast, this island boasts rich archaeological and cultural treasures. While enjoying horseback riding, cycling or walking tours of the island, you can discover the mysteries of its lost civilization, the "Moais", stone sculptures placed around the island to scare away possible invaders, ancient tombs, volcanoes, etc.

Machu Pichu, the Peruvian Inca city on the Andes Mountains, an enigmatic and mystic place where you can learn about the Inca culture, see their temples and dwellings and experience the Inca way of life.

Laguna San Rafael, located in the Patagonian channels region, this lagoon and the surrounding area boast natural attractions such as: icebergs, glaciers, fiords, hot springs, unique vegetation and wildlife. Here you can take a cruise to navigate through the channels and see amazing views of this natural environment. Adventure tourism is also popular in this area, featuring activities such as: kayaking, mountaineering, skiing, etc.

These are only a few of the destinations that come to mind. Please let us know if you have a specific destination or an activity you would like to enjoy while visiting Chile. We will make your dream come true.