Torres del Paine

The Chilean Patagonia, the remote and isolated land that has been almost untouched by civilization, includes a system of interconnecting channels that meander through fjords, glaciers and a countless number of small islands covered by rainforests. Here you will encounter a wide variety of native wildlife and vegetation, impressive mountains, waterfalls, rivers, and massive glaciers. 

The main tourist destination in the Chilean Patagonia is Torres del Paine National Park. This land of legends is particularly attractive for those who look for an unforgettable experience in the outdoors. Here you will find spectacular scenery - mountains, glaciers, lakes, rivers, waterfalls. This untouched and uninhabited land is made up of Torres del Paine National Park and part of the Southern Ice Fields. You can enjoy a wide variety of attractions including the famous colossal granite towers which rise up from the steppe to the sky, steel blue icebergs that make their way through lakes and ocean channels and glaciers. A wide variety of exotic wildlife including guanacos, rheas, peregrine falcons, crested caracaras, foxes, flamingoes and nandues will cross your path as you venture through luscious vegetation and beautiful scenery. From the sky, the majestic condor and other astounding birds like eagles and black woodpeckers will leave you in awe as they fly over you scouting their territory. Combine all this with excellent luxury accommodations, gourmet meals, vintage wines and spectacular views of the granite towers from your hotel and you have an unforgettable and treasured experience of a lifetime.

Price will vary depending on how long you would like to stay in the area and whether you would like to return directly back to Santiago or via Puerto Montt staying in the Lakes region for some time before returning to Santiago. The tour includes flights, accommodation, private transportation, a fluent English-speaking guide, and entrance fees where applicable.